D – 7th Rose


    Hamasaki Ayumi

    7th Rose is the fifth overall and second major album released by D. It was released to also commemorate the band’s seventh anniversary. This was released in three different versions: a limited CD+DVD edition, a limited CD+Photobook edition, and a regular CD only edition. The limited editions each comes with one randomly chosen out of a possible six trading cards. Limited edition B contains a B5 sized photobooklet and comes in a slipcase. The regular edition comes with the previously released single “Kaze ga Mekuru Page“. The first pressings of the regular edition also comes with a trading card.

    Catalog Number
    AVCD-38012/B (Limited Edition A)
    AVCD-38013 (Limited Edition B)
    AVCD-38014 (Regular Edition)
    ¥3,800 (Limited Edition A)
    ¥3,999 (Limited Edition B)
    ¥3,000 (Regular Edition)
    CD Tracklist
    1. 7th Rose ~Return to Zero~
    2. 7th Rose
    3. Hanatsumi no Otome ~Rozova Dolina~ (花摘みの乙女; Flower Picking Maiden ~Rose Valley~)
    4. Tightrope
    5. Crimson Fish
    6. Independent Queen
    7. 13-gatsu no Yumemi Oka (13月の夢見丘; A Hill Having a Dream in Undecimber)
    8. Day by Day
    9. Karakuri Emaki (絡繰り絵巻; Picture Scroll Mechanism)
    10. Toki no Koe (鬨の声; Battle Cry)
    11. Sleeping beautiful beast
    12. Mikazuki Youran Uta (三日月揺籃歌; New Moon Cradle Song)
    13. Kaze ga Mekuru Page (風がめくる頁; The Wind That Turns the Page) (Regular Edition Track)
    DVD Tracklist
    • TBA


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