kanon x kanon – Calendula Requiem


    Released 2010.11.17

    “Calendula Requiem” is the collaboration single between Wakeshima Kanon and bassist Kanon of Antic Cafe under stage name ‘kanon×kanon. It was released in three versions: a one-time press limited CD+DVD edition, a regular CD-only edition, and a limited-time press Shiki CD-only edition that was only produced until December 2010. The title track was used as the second opening theme song for the anime Shiki.

    Catalog Number
    DFCL-1702~3 (CD+DVD)
    DFCL-1704 (CD Only)
    DFCL-1705 (Anime Edition)
    ¥1,500 (CD+DVD)
    ¥1,260 (CD Only & Anime Edition)
    CD Tracklist
    1. Calendula Requiem (カレンデュラ レクイエム)
    2. The Doll House! (ザ ドールハウス!)
    3. Umigame Soup (ウミガメスープ)
    4. Calendula Requiem -Shiki TV size- (カレンデュラ レクイエム-屍鬼 TV size-) (Anime Edition Bonus Track)
    5. Calendula Requiem (Less Vocal) (カレンデュラ レクイエム (Less Vocal))
    DVD Tracklist
    1. Calendula Requiem (PV)

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      1. im so jealous and happy at the same time…. i like them both but it is sad to know that they’re a pair. Kanon so lucky to perform and work with Kanon from An Cafe…. wish i could join them lol


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