Anthony Neely – Di Yi Ke


Released 2010.11.19

Di Yi Ke is the debut album released by Anthony Neely. Pre-order edition comes with a bonus DVD.

CD Tracklist
  1. Di Yi Ke (第一課; Lesson One)
  2. Sorry That I Loved You
  3. Mo Ri Kuai Le (末日快樂; Final Day of Happiness)
  4. San Chang De Yong Bao (散場的擁抱; Breaking Hold)
  5. Bu Nai Fan (不耐煩; Impatient)
  6. Xing Fu Shi Xiao(幸福事小; Happiness is a Small Matter)
  7. Chan Dou (纏鬥; Bounded Struggle)
  8. E Meng (惡夢; Nightmare)
  9. Shen Shi (紳士; Gentleman)
  10. Cang Qi Lai (藏起來; Hide)
  11. The Blower’s Daughter (Damien Rice cover)

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