Younha – Lost In Love


Released 2010.12.09

Lost In Love is Younha‘s first mini-album. Only the lead track, “Nae Namja Chingureul Butakhae“, is a new song as all the rest of the tracks were previously released. The original version of “Gidarida” was included on her first digital single “AUDITION” in 2006, “Maldo Andwae” was included on the soundtrack album Personal Taste OST Part 1 in early 2010, and “One Shot” and “Kkumsogeseo” were included on her second and third digital singles.

  1. Gidarida (Acoustic Ver.) (기다리다; Waiting)
  2. Maldo Andwae (말도 안돼; I Can’t Believe It)
  3. One Shot (feat. Joosuc)
  4. Kkumsogeseo (꿈속에서; In My Dreams)
  5. Nae Namja Chingureul Butakhae (내 남자친구를 부탁해; Please Take Care of My Boyfriend)
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