AKB48’s DiVA to recruit new members through audition


AKB48’s newest sub-unit DiVA held their debut event in Japan last week, performing their first single “Tsuki no Uragawa,” which is being released on May 18. During the event, it was revealed that the group plans to add several new members this summer through an open audition, the first ever for one of AKB48’s sub-units.

At the moment, DiVA consists of Akimoto Sayaka (22), Miyazawa Sae (20), Umeda Ayaka (22), and Masuda Yuka (19). In the words of producer Akimoto Yasushi, the group is currently “incomplete,” so he plans to add 6 more members, bringing the group total up to 10. Once the group is “completed” and becomes a “vocal and dance unit that everyone can acknowledge,” their name will evolve from DiVA (with a lower-case “i”) to DIVA (with a capital “I”).

Producer Akimoto drew a parallel to the popular group EXILE, which “powered up” in 2009 when it grew from 7 members to 14 members. He told DiVA that he didn’t want them to settle for a CD debut as their goal; rather, he wants them to aim at becoming the number-one vocal and dance unit.

The audition for new members will be held this summer. More details will be announced at a later date.

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