Idol group PASSPO stars in movie “High Tension Please”


Idol group PASSPO☆ is starring in a movie for the first time. The 10 members of the cabin attendant-themed group will appear in a comedy film called “High Tension Please.” The title is a play on the familiar phrase “attention please,” which was also the title of a manga and a drama series about cabin attendants in training.

“High Tension Please” is the third film produced this year by Universal J, after “Kikkake wa YOU!” and “RUN60.” The members of PASSPO☆ will play cabin attendants in the movie, but the story will focus on their lives at the dormitory where they stay between flights. The pace of “High Tension Please” is being compared to a 4-panel manga, with a promise of a laugh about every 30 seconds.

Fans of the group will get to see the members in situations they are not normally seen in, such as relaxing in their pajamas.

The movie was filmed over 6 days in Sagamihara, Kanagawa, last month. The film is split into three parts, with an estimated total running time of 90 minutes. A premium screening and mini-concert is scheduled for June 18-19 at United Cinemas Toyosu in Tokyo, followed by a regular screening at the same theater on June 25-26.

News 24


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