SOPHIA moves to Avex, announces new single and Budokan concert


Image from: Natalie

Rock band SOPHIA participated in a special event on Monday celebrating the completion of the V-cinema film “Kamen Rider Eternal.” During the event, they announced that they are changing labels to Avex and will release a new single called “cod-E ~E no Angou~” on July 27. That song is being used as the theme of “Kamen Rider Eternal.”

SOPHIA halted activities in April 2010 after keyboardist Miyako Keiichi revealed that he was diagnosed with lymphoma and would be undergoing treatment. He resumed his musical activities in October.

During the “Kamen Rider Eternal” event on Monday, there was a talk event with the movie’s main cast, including SOPHIA vocalist Matsuoka Mitsuru. At the end, SOPHIA performed as a complete band with Miyako for the first time in approximately 14 months.

SOPHIA also announced that they will hold a concert on August 13 at Nippon Budokan, which will be their first real concert since restarting.



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