2PM’s Chansung joins “Kaito Royale” cast


Chansung (21), a member of the Korean group 2PM, has been given his first regular role in a Japanese television drama series. He will appear in the TBS series “Kaito Royale,” which was announced last month with a main cast of Matsuzaka Tori, Fukushi Seiji, and Omasa Aya.

“Kaito Royale” is based on a popular mobile┬ásocial game in which players control a team of thieves to carry out various missions. Each thief is categorized as a specific type, and it was previously revealed that Matsuzaka, Fukushi, and Omasa will be playing the Intelligent, Skill, and Sexy types, respectively. Chansung has been cast as the Macho type.

It has also been announced that Maya Kyoko (59) will play the mysterious woman whom the thieves are working for. Shimojo Atom (64) will play a butler, and Sasaki Nozomi (23) will play another mysterious woman who could be either an enemy or an ally to the team of thieves.

“Kaito Royale” begins on October 28.

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