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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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iStalk – 700

Today, Tales of Xillia gets an anime adaption, Cali-Gari announces new album, and a wild Doraemon appears on the 3DS for the first time. Sources: Story...

iStalk – 699

Today, Ayumi Hamasaki confirms her appearance at New Years, Ayane comes to the Warriors Orochi World, and Star of Milos to hit American theaters...

iStalk – 698

Today, Mario Kart 7 Europe gets a Black Mario Kart Wii Bundle, SID will release a new single, and Funimation will be releasing a...

iStalk – 697

Today, Kashiwagi Yuki is diagnosed with Pneumonia, Tiger & Bunny to get a film adaptation, and your favorite manga or anime could be featured...

iStalk – 696

Today, Viz Media Founder foresees good news with visual novels, DMP will launch Kickstart, and Himeka is releasing her debut album. Sources: Story 1 Story 2 Story 3

iStalk – 695

Today, Shaman King gets a Sequel manga, Asagi DLC & Disgaea unite, while X Japan performs in Thailand. Sources: Story 1 Story 2 Story 3

iStalk – 694

Today, Goro Miyazaki's newest work may come around 2013, multitudes of characters in One Piece Gigant Battle 2, and SHINee reveals track list for...

iStalk – 693

Today, AKB48 member protes Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, and Yellow Fried Chickenz end their world tour at Makuhari Messe Hall. Sources: Story 1 Story 2 Story 3

iStalk – 692

Today, Bowser's worst nightmare, a quick glimpse into Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, and Sukeban girls plan to release a new...

iStalk – 690

Today, UVERworld to release new single, create essentially anything with Soul Calibur V's character creation, and Digimon Xros Wars to stream on Crunchyroll. Sources: Story 1 Story...

iStalk – 689

Today, Professor Layton Royale will allow you to be the thief or the detective, Asian Kung-Fu Generation to show new single, and Animetal USA...

iStalk – 688

Today, Magic Tree House goes anime, idol worship coincides with stamp collecting, and the monsters from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd come back with a...

iStalk – 687

Today, we see how much it costs to create an anime episode, One Piece goes to battle on the DS, and Buck-tick to release...

iStalk – 686

Today, Japan goes crazy with live-Action Anime adaptations, Best Selling games of Europe, and U.S., and X Japan kicks off their Asian Tour in...

iStalk – 685

Today, X Japan canceled its Beijing concert, a video detailing the construction of a $130,000 Dollar "Fist of the North Star Figure", Sonic Generations...


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