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Thursday, June 21, 2018
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iStalk – 684

Today, a Japanese Poll of their favorite Anime voices, Capcom has high hopes for Dragon Dogma, and Ishihara continues his threats against the anime/manga...

iStalk – 683

Today, Crunchyroll will launch 21 new episodes this week, some interesting characters in Code of Princess, and HYDE hides as Edward Scissor Hands Sources: Story 1 Story...

iStalk – 682

Today, Ni no Kuni is not just a DS game, Nintendo shows off the harp in Skyward Sword, and Chocobo breeding returns in Final...

iStalk – 681

Today, Kodansha is launching a short Great Teacher Onizuka story, Lost Heroes allow you to have super deformed Gundam, Kamen Rider, or Ultraman, and...

iStalk – 680

Today, Crystal Kay to voice the Japanese dub of Happy Feet 2, CyberConnect 2's CEO says Games must avoid anime's mistakes, and Ishihara...

iStalk – 623

Today, EVO put's some Soul into Calibur, Crawl around Tokyo's dungeons, and Hunter X Hunter does the Time Warp again! Sources: Story 1 Story 2 Story 3

iStalk – 622

Today, Easy 3D Mocap, Black Rock gaming, and a con gets scorn! Sources: Story 1 Story 2 Story 3 - NSFW

iStalk – 621

Today, Oreimo Box, Twinkle Star Sprites, and and someone might get crowned King. Sources: Story 1 Story 2 Story 3

iStalk – 611

Today, Strategy based Gundam, Gantz in San Diego, and Classic Lupin! Sources: Story 1 Story 2 Story 3

iStalk – 610

Today, Major Charity money for To-Love Ru, Netflix raising prices, and Final Fantasy packed with music! Sources: Story 1 Story 2 Story 3

iStalk – 609

Today, Hatsune Miku BANNED! KoF comes to America with the help of WHO? and Crunchyroll rolls out some Episode Ones. Sources: Story 1 (NSFW) Story 2 -...

iStalk – 608

Today, AM2 sets a record, MonkeyPaw brings retro goodness to the PSN, and Arino's struggles come to North America! Sources: Story 1 - Press Release Story 2 Story...

iStalk – 598

Today, Wii U denies GameCube, Shana has one last act, and Superfly live on the interwebz. Sources: Story 1 Story 2 Story 3

iStalk – 596

Today, epic new Sony TV, NGP confirmed to be Vita, and Street Fighter x Tekken. Sources: Story 1 Story 2 Story 3

iStalk – 518

Today, Kunihiko Ikuhara begins new work, a big surprise for #1 of all time, and Pikachu uses Flash! Sources: Story 1 Story 2 Story 3