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Abe Natsumi Concert Tour 2006 Haru ~Otomechikku Bank~

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DVD Cover

Abe Natsumi Concert Tour 2006 Haru ~Otomechikku Bank~ (安倍なつみコンサートツアー2006春 ~おとめちっくBank~) was Abe Natsumi's 2006 concert. The concert DVD was released on August 23, 2006 on the hachama label with the catalog number HKBN-50070. The concert tour lasted from April to June with a total of 22 shows done in 11 days. The performance on the DVD is the June 4 show held at Nakano Sun Plaza. Audio commentary is included as a bonus feature.

Members featured in this release

Track listing

  2. F.O.
  3. 夢ならば (Yume Naraba)
  4. スイートホリック (Sweetholic)
  5. MC1
  6. エレベーター二人ぽっち (Elevator Futaripocchi)
  7. だって生きてかなくちゃ (Datte Ikitekanakucha)
  8. MC2
  9. 夕暮れ作戦会議 (Yuugure Sakusen Kaigi)
  10. ちょっとずつね。 (Chotto Zutsu Ne)
  11. MC3
  12. 夢の中 (Yume no Naka with Yasuda Kei)
  13. MC4
  14. バラ色の人生 LA VIE EN ROSE (Barairo no Jinsei LA VIE EN ROSE) - Yasuda Kei
  15. MC5
  16. Papillon - Yasuda Kei
  17. 空 LIFE GOES ON (Sora Life Goes On)
  18. MC6
  19. 学生時代 (Gakusei Jidai)
  20. 日曜日What's Going on? (Nichiyoubi What's Going On?)
  21. 恋の花 (Koi no Hana)
  22. あなた色 (Anata Iro)
  23. 恋のテレフォンGOAL (Koi no Telephone Goal)
  24. MC7
  25. 東京みちくさ


  1. I'm in Love
  2. MC8
  3. 恋愛戦隊シツレンジャー (Renai Sentai Shitsu Ranger with Yasuda Kei)
  4. 腕組んで帰りたい (Ude Kunde Kaeritai with Yasuda Kei)

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