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All Is Splashing Now

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Kahimi Karie
All is splashing now
Kahimi Karie
Otomo Yoshihide
Other Information
Arrangement: Otomo Yoshihide
Guitars: Otomo Yoshihide
Water: Sotoyama Akira
Percussion: Semba Kiyohiko
Recorded by ZAK at st-robo
Mixed by ZAK at st-robo
Mastered by ZAK at st-robo


"All is splashing now" is an acoustic pop song recorded by Kahimi Karie, and produced by Otomo Yoshihide. It is found on her sixth full length LP NUNKI released in 2006. The bulk of the record was produced by Otome. The song is very minimalistic, featuring acoustic guitar and water sounds over Kahimi's vocals. "All is splashing now" was written and performed in English.

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