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Daini Jun Zenkoku Ningyougeki ~Rurou~ Final "Rouman Kokuhaku" 2005.4.26 Nippon Seinenkan

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DVD Cover
Daini Jun Zenkoku Ningyougeki ~Rurou~ FINAL "Rouman Kokuhaku" 2005.4.26 Nippon Seinenkan (第二巡全国人形劇~流浪~FINAL『浪漫告白』2005.4.26 日本青年舘; Second Round of National Puppetry ~Vagrancy~ FINAL "Romantic Confession")
Catalog Number
  1. Rope (ロープ)
  2. ...-san ga Koronda!! (...サンガコロンダ!!; ...-san Fell Down)
  3. Boku, Shimobe. (僕、僕。; I, Servant.)
  4. Ningyo (人魚; Mermaid)
  5. 「F」Stein to「M」
  6. Mayura↑↓Pisaroto (マユラ↑↓ピサロト)
  7. Remind Story (リマインドストーリー)
  8. Wagahai wa, Korosuke Nari... (我輩ハ、殺女成リ...; I, Become a Women Killer)
  9. Karakuri Romance (カラクリロマンス; A Contrivance Romance)
  10. Juunengo no Kyou Koko de... (十年後の今日此処で...; Here Today After Ten Years)
  11. Occult Proposal (オカルトプロポーズ)
  12. Shinbun Masukomi Kankeisha no Kata e... (新聞マスコミ関係者の方へ...; To the Concerned Persons at the Mass Communications Newspaper)
  13. Toumei na Kago (透明ナカゴ; Transparent Cage)
  14. Waisetsu Ningyou (ワイセツ人形; Obscene Doll)


"Daini Jun Zenkoku Ningyougeki ~Rurou~ FINAL "Rouman Kokuhaku" 2005.4.26 Nippon Seinenkan" is the fifth live DVD and seventh overall DVD released by Vidoll. It was released on the same day as their last "Katachi no Nai Katachi" event, where the guitarists Shun and Giru joined the band. This was filmed on April 26th, 2005 at Nippon Seinenkan at the "Rouman Kokuhaku" one-man concert tour finale. During this live one version of "Remind Story" was sold, and it was announced that their then current guitarists HIDE and Yukine were leaving the band. The last live with HIDE and Yukine were released later as the fan club only DVDs "「Toumei Hanzai」2005.6.26 OSAKA MUSE". The DVD reached #284 on the Oricon chart, where it charted for a week.

Tour Schedule

Date Venue
2005.03.05 Shinsaibashi FAN-J twice (FC Only)
2005.03.10 Shibuya O-WEST (Third Anniversary Live)
2005.03.18 Mito LIGHTHOUSE
2005.03.21 Sapporo KRAPS HALL
2005.03.23 Niigata JUNK BOX
2005.03.25 Sendai HooK
2005.03.29 Nagoya ell.FITS HALL
2005.04.01 Hakata DRUM SON
2005.04.22 Osaka BIGCAT
2005.04.26 Nippon Seinenkan

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