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Dohzi-T promoting "HOME" (2012)

Dohzi-T (童子-T) is a Japanese hip-hop artist under the MILESTONE CROWDS sub-label of Universal Music Japan. He first was part of a hip-hop group called ZINGI, formed in 1990. Later, in 2001, he debuted as a solo singer with the single "Shounen A". Since this he has collaborated with many others J-Urban artists like Kato Miliyah, Shimizu Shota and a few others. He also discovered Hamasaki Ayumi, along with DJ BASS, who gave her a contract and were featured on her first release, the single and mini-album "NOTHING FROM NOTHING".


  • Stage Name: Dohzi-T (童子-T)
  • Birth Name: Takesue Mitsuru (竹末充)
  • Birth Date: May 13, 1969


Dohzi-T promoting 12 Love Stories (2008)
Dohzi-T promoting "Ano Goro..." (2009)
Dohzi-T promoting "Ameagari" (2010)
Dohzi-T promoting 10th ANNIVERSARY BEST (2011)

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