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Elly Is So Hot

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Album Cover
Seo In Young
Elly Is So Hot
  1. Intro
  2. Hit
  3. Neorul Wonhae (너를 원해; I Want You)
  4. Gareu Chyeo Jwoyo (가르쳐줘요; Teach Me)
  5. Blue Song
  6. 6th Sense
  7. Something
  8. UR My Style
  9. Seaes Hotel
  10. Just Tonight (Neorul Wonhae Lo-fi House Remix)
  11. Hit (Hi-Voltage Remix)
  12. Gareu Chyeo Jwoyo (Inst.)


Elly Is So Hot is Seo In Young's solo debut album. "Neorul Wonhae" was used as the lead track.

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