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Katahira Rina

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Katahira Rina promoting "Kono Namida wo Shiranai" (2016)

Katahira Rina (片平里菜) is a Japanese pop-rock singer-songwriter born in Fukushima, Japan. She is managed by Sony Music Artists agency and signed to Pony Canyon label. Katahira won the Shinsain Tokubetsu Sho at the summer festival Senkou Riot 2011. She was also chosen as the first artist to debut from Play You. Label, a project created by Sony Marketing Japan in collaboration with the Walkman brand. Her producer is Yamada Takahiro, the bassist for ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION.



Katahira Rina promoting "Onna no Ko wa Nakanai" (2014)



Digital Singles

  • [2013.01.16] Hajimari ni (始まりに; The Beginning)
  • [2014.12.17] Daremo ga (誰もが; Everyone)

Compilations / Other

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