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Kiss Kiss Kiss (BENI)

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Single Cover
Kiss Kiss Kiss
Catalog Number
  1. Kiss Kiss Kiss
  2. Signal
  3. Mou Nido to... DJ HASEBE REMIX (もう二度と・・・; Once Again...)
  4. Kiss Kiss Kiss (Instrumental)


"Kiss Kiss Kiss" is the 10th single released by BENI. Includes a remix by DJ HASEBE of her previously released single, "Mou Nido to...". The titular track was used as the commerical theme songs for Kao's "Biore Body Deli" and Recochoku (during March). It was also used as the ending theme songs for TV TOKYO's Ryuuha-R and JAPAN COUNTDOWN, and THK's Ageten. The single ranked #1 on the weekly Chaku-Uta chart and #40 on the Oricon weekly charts, where it charted for six weeks.

Song Information

BENI promoting the single
Fujibayashi Shoko, Imai Daisuke
Imai Daisuke
Other Information
Arrangement: Imai Daisuke

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 23 28 36 41 35 28 40 1,740
- 50 50 - - 33 33 50 1,205
- - - - - - - 82 1,018

Total Reported Sales: 3,963*

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