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Morning Musume Tsuushin

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This short Morning Musume TV show ran Tuesdays from 2002-04-02 to 2002-12-24 on TV Tokyo.

Each episode featured three members of Morning Musume. During the first season, they would each episode introduce and briefly discuss a piece of urban culture. During the following two, they would demonstrate a simple science experiment, accompanied by a little skit in a surreal setting.

Episode guide

Episode Date Members Theme
1 2002-04-02 Iida, Yoshizawa, Ogawa Good luck charms (romance)
2 2002-04-09 Yasuda, Yoshizawa, Konno Shakes (food)
3 2002-04-16 Abe, Yaguchi, Yasuda Nail goods
4 2002-04-23 Abe, Yoshizawa, Yaguchi Good luck charms (money)
5 2002-04-30 Abe, Yasuda, Yoshizawa Soap bubbles
6 2002-05-07 Iida, Yaguchi, Yasuda Fashion terminology
7 2002-05-14 Yaguchi, Gotou, Yoshizawa Cleaning indoor shoes
8 2002-05-21 Yasuda, Gotou, Yoshizawa Psychological tests
9 2002-05-28 Yaguchi, Yasuda, Yoshizawa Makeup tips and tricks
10 2002-06-04 Abe, Yaguchi, Yasuda Good luck charms (romance)
11 2002-06-11 Abe, Ishikawa, Takahashi Psychological tests
12 2002-06-18 Abe, Yoshizawa, Gotou Party games
13 2002-06-25 Abe, Iida, Yaguchi Lucky jinxes
14 2002-07-02 Abe, Iida, Ishikawa Glass on a sieve (surface tension)
15 2002-07-09 Abe, Gotou, Yoshizawa Reed whistle
16 2002-07-16 Yaguchi, Gotou, Yoshizawa Fingerprints
17 2002-07-23 Abe, Yasuda, Iida Egg in a bottle (air pressure)
18 2002-07-30 Kago, Niigaki, Ogawa Cup-and-spring phone
19 2002-08-06 Abe, Iida, Yaguchi Floating and sinking fish (fluid pressure)
20 2002-08-13 Gotou, Ishikawa, Takahashi Static electricity
21 2002-08-20 Abe, Iida, Yaguchi Stacked liquids
22 2002-08-27 Ishikawa, Konno, Ogawa Centres of balance
23 2002-09-03 Iida, Ishikawa, Konno Friction
24 2002-09-10 Gotou, Yoshizawa, Ogawa Rotating egg, dropping coin (inertia)
25 2002-09-17 Konno, Takahashi, Ishikawa Conservation of momentum
26 2002-09-24 Yaguchi, Tsuji, Kago Ping-pong ball and funnel (Bernoulli's theorem)
27 2002-10-01 Abe, Yasuda, Yoshizawa Distribution of force
28 2002-10-08 Abe, Iida, Ishikawa Newton's third law with magnets
29 2002-10-15 Abe, Ishikawa, Yasuda Centrifugal force
30 2002-10-22 Abe, Iida, Ishikawa Refraction of light
31 2002-10-29 Abe, Iida, Yaguchi Vortices in water
32 2002-11-05 Abe, Yaguchi, Yasuda Rotating objects (angular momentum)
33 2002-11-12 Abe, Yaguchi, Yasuda Air cannon
34 2002-11-19 Abe, Iida, Yasuda Underwater soap bubbles
35 2002-11-26 Abe, Ishikawa, Takahashi Singing glasses
36 2002-12-03 Yaguchi, Yasuda, Yoshizawa Resonance
37 2002-12-10 Yaguchi, Yasuda, Ishikawa Combining colours
38 2002-12-17 Abe, Iida, Yaguchi Benham's disk, refraction of light in different liquids
39 2002-12-24 Abe, Iida, Yaguchi Clouds in a bottle, freezing water