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Mukashi Natsukashi Ningyou Shuu ~Sono Ni~

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Mini-Album Cover
Mukashi Natsukashi Ningyou Shuu ~Sono Ni~ (昔懐カシ人形集~其ノ弐~; Collection of Olden Day Dear Dolls ~The Second~)
Catalog Number
  1. Torikabuto (とりかぶと; Aconitum carmichaelii)
  2. Gyaku Gire (逆ギレ; Inverted Angry Outburst)
  3. Shasei Sankai Narcolepsy (射精3回ナルコレプシー; Three Ejaculations Narcolepsy)
  4. Karakuri Romance (カラクリロマンス; A Contrivance Romance)
  5. Toumei na Kago (透明ナカゴ; Transparent Cage)
  6. Heiwa no Utai (平和ノ謡; Chant of Peace)


Mukashi Natsukashi Ningyou Shuu ~Sono Ni~ is the sixth mini-album released by Vidoll. It is a collection of re-arrenged and re-recorded older songs with their then current members. This was simultaneously released with the mini-album Mukashi Natsukashi Ningyou Shuu ~Sono Ichi~ and the PV DVD "Ningyoukai PV". This is also a limited release having only 10,000 copies. The mini-album reached #115 on the major Oricon chart, where it charted for two weeks. Both of the Mukashi Natsukashi Ningyou Shuu mini-albums were later combined and released as the best of album Mukashi Natsukashi Soushuuhen + Omake Tsuki.

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