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Re I Am

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Single Cover
Sawano Hiroyuki
Sawano Hiroyuki
Other Information
Arrangement: Sawano Hiroyuki
Drums: Yamauchi Yu
Bass: Tanabe Toshino
Guitar: Iimuro Hiroshi
Piano, Programming: Sawano Hiroyuki
Strings: Muroya Koichiro
Backing Vocals: Yuko Kawai, cAnON., Akiko Shimodai, Ai Inoue, Hikaru Sen, Melo-J, yassh!!


"RE:I AM" is a pop song recorded by Aimer The song first appeared on Aimer's fifth single "RE:I AM EP", and later on her second studio album Midnight Sun as track #9. The song was used as the theme for episode 6 of the OVA Kidou Senshi Gundam UC, and later the opening theme for episode 18 of Kidou Senshi Gundam Unicorn RE:0096.

According to producer Sawano Hiroyuki, the title of the song is an anagram of Aimer's stage name.


Found on the single "RE:I AM EP" as track #1, and later the album Midnight Sun as track #9. This is the standard version of the song.
RE: I AM (Instrumental)
Found on the single "RE:I AM EP" as track #4. This is the standard version except without vocals.
RE: AIM -English ver.-
Found on the album UnChild as track #12. This is a version featuring English-language lyrics.
RE:I AM (Live in church ver.)
Found on the album After Dark as track #11. This is a live vocal version set against an acoustic piano performance by Noma Kosuke.