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Album Cover
Saranghaesseo (사랑했어; I Loved You)
  1. I'm Standing (feat. 3534 Yoon Hee Jung)
  2. Saranghaesseo (feat. Eliza) (사랑했어; I Loved You)
  3. Someday (feat. Eun Jin)
  4. Baby Boo (feat. Kim Hyun Jung)
  5. Saranga Gajima (feat. Im Hyun Jin, Bluetrain, Lee Sang Gyu) (사랑아 가지마; Love Possession)
  6. Naeane Saneun Neo (feat. Ju Hi) (내 안에 사는 너; Live Inside)
  7. Abeoji (Goyuni Chumogog) (feat. Kim Hyun Jin, 3534 Yoon Hee Jung ) (아버지 (故유니 추모곡); Father (A Song for the Deceased))
  8. Relax Boy (feat. G-Pulse)
  9. Fly Emotion (feat. G-Pulse, Donnie GoGo)
  10. Happy Day (feat. Kim Hyun Jin)
  11. Music (feat. Kim Hyun Jung, 1sagain)
  12. Get Away (feat. Lady Luna, G-Pulse)
  13. J 2 Tha Ace (feat. Lee Hye Min)
  14. Fly Emotion (3534 Yoon Hee Jung Version) (feat. G-Pulse, Donnie GoGo)
  15. Happy Day (Remix Version) (feat. Kim Hyun Jin)
  16. What Mischief (Outro) (feat. Kim Hyun Jin, 3534 Yoon Hee Jung)


Saranghaesseo is the debut album released by Jace. The song "Saranghaesseo " was used as the lead track.

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