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Wagakki Band

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Wagakki Band promoting Oto no E (2018)

Wagakki Band (和楽器バンド) is a Japanese rock/traditional instruments band under avex trax. The band consists of seven musicians and a vocalist who fuse traditional Japanese instruments with contemporary rock.




Wagakki Band promoting Vocalo Zanmai (2014)
Wagakki Band promoting "Kishikaisei" (2016)
Wagakki Band promoting Kiseki BEST COLLECTION+ (2017)

Studio Albums

  • [2015.09.02] Yasouemaki (八奏絵巻; Octet Picture Scroll)
  • [2017.03.22] Shikisai (四季彩-shikisai-; Four Seasonal Colors)
  • [2018.04.25] Oto no E (オトノエ; Picture of Sound)

Best Albums

Cover Albums

  • [2013.11.17] Joshou. (序章.; Prologue) (Mini Cover Album)
  • [2014.04.23] VOCALO Zanmai (ボカロ三昧; Vocaloid Samadhi)

Live Albums


Digital Singles

Split Singles

Video Releases

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