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"Namae wa, Mada Nai."

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1st & 2nd Press Cover
3rd Press Cover
alice nine (アリス九號)
"Namae wa, Mada Nai." (「名前は、未だ無ひ。」)
2004.07.05 (1st Press)
2004.08.11 (2nd Press)
2005.11.30 (3rd Press)
Catalog Number
AN-0705 (1st Press)
AN-0811 (2nd Press)
KICM-10014 (3rd Press)
¥1,234 (1st Press)
¥1,728 (2nd Press)
¥1,728 (3rd Press)
1st Press CD Tracklist
  1. Time Machine (タイムマシン)
  2. Hana Ichi Yaiba (華一匁)
2nd & 3rd Press CD Tracklist
  1. Time Machine (タイムマシン)
  2. Mellow ni Shizunde (メロウに沈んで)
  3. Hana Ichi Yaiba (華一匁)


"Namae wa, Mada Nai." is the debut single released by alice nine. A month after the original release, the single was re-released with an extra song entitled "Mellow ni Shizunde". The following year, the Second Press version was re-issued with a new cover. First Press was limited to 1000 copies, while Second Press to 3000 copies. The single's First Press reached #157, Second Press reached #138, and Thrid Press reached #94 on the Oricon charts.

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