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"Thank You!" Ito Kanako the Best -Nitroplus Songs Collection-

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Album Cover
Ito Kanako
"Thank You!" ITO KANAKO the BEST -Nitroplus Songs Collection-
Catalog Number
CD Tracklist
  • Disc 1
  1. Aoi Kioku (青い記憶; Blue Memory)
  4. Shadow in the dark
  5. Tenni Yuukyuu (天意悠久; An Eternity of Providence)
  6. Reichin Rinrinshan (涙尽鈴音響)
  7. Glass no Kutsu (ガラスのくつ)
  8. Saya no Uta (沙耶の唄; Saya's Song)
  9. Toaru Ryuu no Koi no Uta (とある竜の恋の歌; A Certain Dragon's Love Song)
  10. Lamento
  11. Tataeshi Tatakai no Uta (賛えし闘いの詩; Poem of the Battle for Admiration)
  12. I Bless Thy Life
  13. Kesshou (結晶; Crystal)
  14. Kiraboshi (煌星; Glittering Stars)
  • Disc 2
  1. Kokou no Konpaku (孤高之魂魄; Solitary Soul)
  2. Kagerou (陽炎; Heat Haze)
  3. Rakuyou (落葉; Fallen Leaves)
  4. Kururi Sakura Hirari (くるり 桜 ひらり)
  5. Kinka Kuji (キンカクジ; Kingfisher)
  6. A.R.
  7. Tsuioku no Kaze (追憶の風; Wind of Reminiscence)
  8. STILL
  9. Miracles may
  10. BLAZE UP
  11. Sign (サイン)
  12. Puzzle (パズル) (Bonus Track from 1st Album Puzzle)
  13. Sunday Sunshine (Bonus Track from 4th Album <<<STARGATE>>>)
  14. Heaven (Bonus Track from 3rd Album Largo)
  15. Sotsugyou Shousho (卒業証書; Diploma) (Bonus Track from 2nd Album Sign)


"Thank You!" ITO KANAKO the BEST -Nitroplus Songs Collection- is the third best album released by Ito Kanako and best concept album for Nitroplus games. The first press edition of the album comes with a DVD.

Oricon Chart Positions

The album reached #74 on the weekly Oricon chart, and rank for a total of 1 week.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - 24 - - - - 74 1,464
  • Total Reported Sales: 1,464

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