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'06 Summer SMTown

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Album Cover
SM Town
  1. SM Town - Taeyangeun Gadeuki (Red Sun) (태양은 가득히; Full Sun)
  2. Dong Bang Shin Ki - Oasis (오아시스)
  3. Super Junior - Dancing Out
  4. Kangta - Han Yeoreumbamui Gobaek (Summer Night Love) (한 여름밤의 고백; One Summer Night Confession)
  5. BoA - TOUCH
  6. Chun Sang Ji Hee - Catch the Shooting Star
  7. The TRAX - Neoeopssi (Without You) (너없이)
  8. Seo Hyun Jin - Raindrops
  9. Black Beat - Shake
  10. Super Junior - Smile!
  11. Taeyangeun Gadeuki (Red Sun) (Instrumental) (태양은 가득히; Full Sun)


'06 SUMMER SMTOWN is SM Town 9th album and 4rd summer album. This album counts with the participation of Super Junior and The TRAX for the first time.

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