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14 Princess ~PRINCESS PRINCESS Children~

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Various Artists
14 Princess ~Princess Princess Children~ (14プリンセス~PRINCESS PRINCESS CHILDREN~)
  1. Tamaki Nami - 19 GROWING UP -ode to my buddy -
  2. Kitade Nana - KISS
  3. Younha - Diamonds
  4. RYTHEM - M
  5. Natural High - Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Natsu (世界でいちばん熱い夏)
  6. Hoi Festa - OH YEAH!
  7. kazami - Julian (ジュリアン)
  8. wiz-us - Ballad Shiyou yo (パレードしようよ)
  9. Izawa Asami - Baba (パパ)
  10. Ikimonogakari - GET CRAZY!
  11. Machimoto Eri - GO AWAY BOY
  12. Takada Kozue - SEVEN YEARS AFTER
  13. NIRGILIS - Jungle Princess (ジャングル プリンセス)
  14. Amadori - Tomodachi no Mama (友達のまま)


"14 Princess ~Princess Princess Children~" is a special tribute album released for the Japanese rock band PRINCESS PRINCESS. The album was released for the band's tenth anniversary since their debut. This this album features covers from 14 different fresh female artists and bands with female vocalists from Sony Music Entertainment. The cover art for the album is done by manga-ka Yamada Naito.