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2003 Summer Vacation in

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Album Cover
SM Town
2003 Summer Vacation in
CD1 Tracklist
  1. SM Town - Hello! Summer!
  2. Fly to the Sky - Paradise
  3. Shoo - Yeonincheoreom (Feel Like..) (연인처럼)
  4. Fly to the Sky - Destiny
  5. SM Town - Summer In Dream
  6. BoA - Romeo
  7. Shinhwa - I Pray 4 You
  8. Kangta - Yeonga (연가)
  9. Yoo Young Jin - Ojik Joheun Sarangppun (오직 좋은 사랑뿐)
  10. Kangta - Geurimeuro Tteonaneun Yeohaenk (그림으로 떠나는 여행)
  11. Isak N Jiyeon - Pray
  12. Choo Ga Yeoul - Gieoksogui Kkum - Dream of Memory (기억속의 꿈)
  13. Moon Hee Jun - Geudaeege (To You) (그대에게)
  14. Black Beat - Give Me a Chance
  15. Dana - Dear My Friend
CD2 Tracklist
  1. SM Town - All My True Love
  2. SM Town - Hoksi (혹시)
  3. SM Town - Saving My Life
Music Video
  1. SM Town - All My True Love
  2. SM Town - Summer In Dream
  3. Shinhwa - I Pray 4 You Remix


2003 Summer Vacation in is SM Town sixth album overall and second summer album. The album was released in a 2CD format, the second CD containing links for streaming music and music videos (not available anymore).

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