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2004 Summer Vacation in

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Album Cover
SM Town
2004 Summer Vacation in
  1. SM Town - Hot Mail <Yeoreum Pyeonji> (여름편지; Summer Letter)
  2. Dong Bang Shin Ki - Drive
  3. BoA - Lollipop
  4. Kangta - Micheoganabwa (미쳐가나봐; Going Crazy)
  5. Fly to the Sky - Summer in Love
  6. Isak N Jiyeon - Haejugosipeun Yaegi (해주고싶은 얘기; A Story I Want to Tell)
  7. DANAJiyeonSundayStephanie - Baraem (Fight to the End) (바램; Hope)
  8. Moon Hee Jun - Only For You
  9. Dong Bang Shin Ki - Through The Forest
  10. Moon Hee Jun, Kangta & Isak N Jiyeon - Just One
  11. Yoo Young Jin - That's The Way
  12. Black Beat - Don't Tell Me
  13. DANA - Baby Come Tonight
  14. Shoo - Time After Time <Kkumsogeseo> (꿈속에서; In My Dreams)
  15. Chu Ga Yeol - Rainy Day
  16. BoA - Midnight Parade


2004 Summer Vacation in is SM Town 8th album and 3rd summer album. It counts with the participation of Dong Bang Shin Ki for the first time, but also with Fly to the Sky's, Isak N Jiyeon's, Shoo's and Moon Hee Jun as their last appearance on any of SM Town albums. "Baraem (Fight to the End)" is the first song sang by Chun Sang Ji Hee, although they are not credited as a group but as individual members.

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