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2007 Winter SMTown

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Album Cover
SM Town
  1. SM Town - Sarang Hanajyo (Only Love) (사랑 하나죠)
  2. BoA - 12wol 27il (12월 27일; December 27th)
  3. Dong Bang Shin Ki - Evergreen
  4. Super Junior - Cheonnuni Wa (First Snow) (첫눈이 와)
  5. Chun Sang Ji Hee - We Wish You A Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad
  6. Kangta - Winter Wonderland
  7. Girls' Generation - Love Melody
  8. Seo Hyun Jin - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  9. Chu Ga Yeol - Nunkkochi Nallimyeon (When Snow Scatters...) (눈꽃이 날리면)
  10. Zhang Li Yin - Oh Holy Night
  11. Song Kwang Shik - Yunyeonui Christmas (Christmas of Childhood (유년의 크리스마스)
  12. Dong Bang Shin Ki - Yeo Haeng Gi (여행기; Traveling) (Bonus Track)


2007 WINTER SMTOWN is SM Town 12th album and 7th winter album. This album counts with the participation of Girls' Generation for the first time.

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