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2PM Thailand Special Edition

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Single Cover
2PM Thailand Special Edition
CD1 "Hottest Time Of The Day" Tracklist
  1. 10 Points Out of 10 Points (10점 만점에 10점)
  2. Only You
  3. Angel
  4. 10 Points Out of 10 Points (Old School ver.) (10점 만점에 10점)
  5. 10 Points Out of 10 Points (Inst.) (10점 만점에 10점)
  6. Only you (Inst.)
CD2 "2:00PM Time For Change" Tracklist
  1. What Time Is It Now
  2. Again & Again
  3. I Hate You (니가 밉다)
  4. You Might Comeback (돌아올지도 몰라)
  5. Again & Again (R&B Mix)
  6. Again & Again (Inst.)
  7. I Hate You (Inst.) (니가 밉다)
  8. You Might Comeback (Inst.) (돌아올지도 몰라)


2PM Thailand Special Edition a special release of 2PM for Thailand. The release includes the group's first two singles in one single package.