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80 pan

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(From L to R) Tomomi & Maco as 80_pan promoting DISCO BABY (2008)

80_pan (Harepan) was a Japanese pop group on Victor Entertainment. Their music is a mixture between pop, rap, and rock.




Harenchi☆Punch (ハレンチ☆パンチ) was a Victor Entertainment idol unit made out of three girls living in the Kansai area and led by Ogasawara Tomomi. They were discovered by popular Kyoto Information Magazine "Kyoto CD!" in the magazine's search for popular new idols, and debuted in 2004. Ogasawara, whose dream was to form a band and had been attending live houses as a band kid, announced to the group's producer, "We will become idols making genuine music!". Their brand of girls' rock bears similarities to that of artists such as Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, and Hilary Duff, coupled with their cute voices and harmonies, gave them potential to be a success.

The name "Harenchi☆Punch" referred to the band's desire to punch out the lies in deceit in the world today and reform it to make it a better place. But on March 26th, 2007, at one of the trio's events, Ogasawara announced that the group's name changed to "80★PAN!".

On September 14th, Saya announced her graduation from the group, which occurred October 8th, 2007. On April 5th, 2008, they changed their name yet again to 80_pan. On May 11th, 2009, 80_pan announced the breakup of the group. They will hold their last live in June 19th, 2009.

In 2011, it was announced that Saya would return to the music business as Choco st





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