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AIS was a Japanese pop project which consisted of ten girls who participated in the Komu-ro Garçons (ASAYAN Idol Group Audition 96) audition aired on the TV show ASAYAN in 1996 and 1997. They were labeled as a "debut reserve army", meaning there was a plan for all of them to debut one way or another as singers with back-up from the show.



Eight of the girls went on to solo careers or as part of a unit, Okada and Setsu however, failed the project and never made their debut. ASAYAN simply stated that Okada and Setsu didn't debut. Okada returned home to Hokkaido. In 2000, she participated in a beauty contest and won. She was also invited back to another set of auditions on ASAYAN, called the Losers Revival Audition in 2001, but didn't pass.

An 11th participant, Aimi Suzuki (佐々木愛美), is mentioned on the ASAYAN interview page. She was absent from the recording due to school, and probably dropped out.1

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