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AKBN 0 (2013)

AKBN 0 (AKABANE 0) is Japanese idol group (not directly related to the AKB48 franchise) that formed in 2010 and is currently under the label Kandou. The concept of the group is a fundraising idol group that you can meet, be sensible, and be able to date.

In 2012 the group changed the name to Nzero (Nゼロ).

The goal of the group is to appear in Kouhaku Uta Gaussen. When they acomplish that they will disband.

The group is holding auditions for the 12th Generation.


Current Members

Second Generation
Fourth Generation
Sixth Generation
Seventh Generation
Eighth Generation
Ninth Generation
Tenth Generation
Trainees for the Eleventh Generation

Former Members

First Generation
Second Generation
  • Kawata Anju (河東あんじゅ, passed the audition, but declined to enter the group, 4 September 2010.)
  • Matsuda Emiri (松田えみり, fired 10 October 2011)
  • Matsugami Yuko (松上祐子, fired 10 October 2011)
  • Ayase Manaka (綾瀬麻奈夏, left 29 April 2013)
Third Generation
Fourth Generation
Fifth Generation
Sixth Generation
Seventh Generation
Tenth Generation




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