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A K Is a K Is a K

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Album Cover
Kahimi Karie
a K is a K is a K
1998.12.23 (Polystar)
1999.04.30 (CRUEL)
Catalog Number
POCP-7344 (Polystar)
KYTHMAK044RX (Vinyl)
3,146円 (Polystar)
3,024円 (CRUEL Releases)
  1. One Thousand 20th Century Chairs (Remixed by Yasuharu Konishi)
  2. What Are You Wearing? (Remixed by Shinco)
  3. The Symphonies of Beethoven (Remixed by Add N To(X))
  4. Only-Narita (Remixed by Buffalo Daughter)
  5. The Symphonies of Beethoven (Remixed by Tsutchie)
  6. Kahimi au Telephone (Remixed by Shizuo)
  7. One Thousand 20th Century Chairs (Remixed by Hirohisa Horie)


a K is a K is a K is the second compilation released by Kahimi Karie, and her first remix album. The album art is a heavily pixelated version of Kahimi's recent K.K.K.K.K., and features remixes of the album's tracks. The album was first released in 1998 under Polystar records. It was later reissued in 1999 by Kahimi's indie label CRUE-L RECORDS in both a CD and Vinyl format.

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