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A Letter from Abell1689

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Album Cover
a LetTer frOm Abell1689
2006.04.06 (CD)
2006.04.12 (Tape)
  1. 2046
  2. Miyeol (미열)
  3. Som (숨)
  4. Daso (다소)
  5. Naesarang Mudeomkkaji (feat. MC Mong) (내사랑 무덤까지)
  6. I wisH...
  7. candy (feat. Lee Hyori)
  8. Jalga (잘가)
  9. Eoje (어제)
  10. Joheun Saram Mannayo (feat. Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky)) (좋은 사람 만나요)
  11. Neutjam (늦잠)
  12. Love²
  13. Haebaragi (해바라기)
  14. a LetTer frOm Abell1689


a LetTer frOm Abell1689 is MayBee's official debut album. The songs "Daso" and "I wisH..." were used as lead tracks. the song "Naesarang Mudeomkkaji" is a Korean cover of the folk song "The Water Is Wide".

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