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Abe Asami (soloist)

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Abe Asami promoting Alibi no nai Tenshi stage play (2010)

Abe Asami (安倍麻美) was a Japanese pop singer, idol, and talent. She became known for being the younger sister of former Morning Musume member Abe Natsumi. In November 2011 she married her boyfriend of approximately two years, and a day later she announced that she would retire from show business.


  • Name: Abe Asami (安倍麻美)
  • Nicknames: Acchi (あっち), Asamin (あさみん), Achamin (あちゃみん)
  • Birthday: February 27, 1985 (1985-02-27) (age 34)
  • Birth Place: Muroran, Hokkaido Prefecture
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 154cm
  • Family: Abe Natsumi (Older Sister)


After being scouted by a local company in 2001, she started her career by appearing in various commercials for products such as the Nintendo Game Cube in 2003. Following her sister's footsteps, Abe hit the Japanese pop music scene in 2003 and achieved some success. Her debut single was "Riyuu" which was released in March of that year. She released a total of six singles, two full albums, and three photobooks. Abe also appeared in a few TV dramas and movies.

In May 2007, Abe joined the group Gyaruru as Tsuji Nozomi's replacement.








Musicals / Theater

  • [2006] Fiddler on the Roof
  • [2007] OUT OF ORDER ~Ijinden Kokoro~ (偉人伝心)
  • [2007] Usotsuki ya Jirou ~Koumon-sama Kakugo no Adauchi~ (うそつき弥次郎〜黄門様覚悟の仇討ち〜)
  • [2007] Yume no Hito (夢のひと)
  • [2008] Butai Han Itazura na Kiss ~Koi no Mikata no Gakuen Densetsu~ (舞台版 イタズラなKiss 〜恋の味方の学園伝説〜)
  • [2009] LOVE LETTERS 2009 19th Anniversary Ginza Special
  • [2009] Butai Han Itazura na Kiss Sotsugyou Hen ~Konoko wa Sotsugyou Dekinai!!~ (舞台版 イタズラなKiss 卒業編 〜この恋は卒業できない!!〜)
  • [2009] Hige wo Soru Musume (髭を剃るムスメ)
  • [2010] Murder Factory (マーダーファクトリー)
  • [2010] Alibi no nai Tenshi (アリバイのない天使)


Sono Mama. four colors Feeling good?

  • [2003.07.09] Sono Mama. (そのまま。)
  • [2004.10.24] four colors
  • [2005.11.24] Feeling good?


Baka Mitai.

  • [2005.11.24] Baka Mitai. (バカみたい。)

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