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Junjou no Afilia

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Junjou no Afilia (純情のアフィリア), formerly Afilia Saga East (アフィリア・サーガ・イースト) and Afilia Saga (アフィリア・サーガ), is a Japanese pop idol girl group formed from the Afilia Saga maid cafe chain. They debuted with the single "Luminous no Izumi" in 2009.


First Generation (2008)

Second Generation (2009.04.11)

Third Generation (2009.08.06)

  • Kurumi Lala Milk (クルミ・ラーラ・ミルク. Graduated 2013.02.12)
  • Miku Doll Charlotte (ミク・ドール・シャルロット. Joined 2009.09.13. Graduated 2017.06.03)

Fourth Generation (2010.03.28)

Fifth Generation (2010.10.16)

Sixth Generation (2011.12.23)

  • Emiu Weilschmidt (エミュウ・ヴァイルシュミット. Graduated 2013.12.20)
  • Laura Sucreine (ローラ・シュクレーヌ. Graduated 2015.05.28)

Seventh Generation (2012.12.15)

  • Rayna S Mauser (レイナ・スコット・モーゼル. Joined 2013.02.17, Graduated 2014.09.30)
  • Raymee Heavenly (レイミー・ヘヴンリー. Graduated 2015.09.29)

Eight Generation (2014.07.23)

Ninth Generation (2015.07.18)

Tenth Generation (2015.12.23)

Eleventh Generation (2017.07.08)


Afilia Saga East is a idol group produced by Momoi Halko and Shikura Chiyomaru. The members of Afilia Saga East are also employees in maid cafés, which are part of Affilia Saga, a line of cafés/restaurants all over Japan.

The members are also "magic students", that are part of Afilia Kingdom, a imaginary anime role-playing game style magic school and Kingdom world. On Afilia Kingdom's cafés, people can earn coins and rankings that take them deeper into the kingdom and also the games and gifts that each café has.

Afilia Saga East debuted in 2008. They were composed of nine popular members of the Afilia Saga maid café chain: Kohime Lit Pucci, Rose Gardenfairy, Louise Sforzur, Aria M Milvana, Meena M Frace, Ramune Lithe Antique, Lily Coco Evance, Yuki Callenreese, and Mew Chat Noir.

On March 9th, 2009, they released their first single "Luminous no Izumi". Three new members, Meiry Malonfeel, Yukafin Doll, and Mayurin Shidii Messhu were added in May 2009. Their second single, "Meridin no Inori", was released May 2009, and was the last to feature original member Ramune Lithe Antique before she graduated.

In August 2009, a new member, Kurumi Lala Milk, joined the group and an original member, Lily Coco Evance, graduated.

In September 2009, Mayurin Shidii Messhu graduated after only being in the group for five months. In the next two months one new member joined the group, Miku Doll Charlotte in October, and one more graduated, Yuki Callenreese in December.

On February 2nd, 2010, they released their third single, "Houkago_Romance / Kyouiku-teki Yubi!", which reached #80 on the Oricon chart. In March Mew Chat Noir graduated and Ayami Chercy Snow was added. In April the group released their fourth single "Watashi☆LOVE na☆Otome!", which was their first one released in two editions.

That summer they participated in the Tokyo Idol Festival 2010. In October two new members were added to the group, Maho Sotto Voce and Karen Classica. On December 1st, "Knee High Egoist" was released. The main track was written and produced by Tsunku, the producer of the idol collective Hello! Project.

On June, 2011, the group released their first album, whitism. On July they released their sixth single,"La*La*La Revolution". In December two new members were added to the group, Laura Sucreine and Emiu Weilschmidt.

On March 28, they released their seventh single, "Mirai no Watashi wo Matteiru", that reached 6th place in Oricon Weekly Chart. In the same month Rose Gardenfairy and Meena M Frace graduated from the group. On June 13, they released their eighth single, "Kindan Muteki no Darling". Two months later, Karen Classica graduated from the group. On October 13, they released their ninth single, SURVIVE!!. On December, Raymee Heavenly joined the group.

On February 2013, Kurumi Lala Milk and Meiry Malonfeel graduated from the group, while Rayna S Mauser joined. At the same month, the group was renamed from Afilia Saga East to Afilia Saga.

On June 2017, Kohime Lit Pucci, Yukafin Doll, and Miku Doll Charlotte graduated from the group, and the group was renamed from Afilia Saga to Junjou no Afilia.


Afilia Saga East promoting "Luminous no Izumi" (2009)
Afilia Saga East promoting "Knee High Egoist" (2010)
Afilia Saga East promoting "La*La*La Revolution" (2011)


  • [2011.06.01] whitism (Afilia Saga East)
  • [2013.04.24] Archism (Afilia Saga)
  • [2015.08.26] Realism (Afilia Saga)

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Digital Singles

  • [2012.07.25] Platinum (プラチナ) (Afilia Saga East)

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