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Aika Misa

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Aika Misa {愛禾みさ} was a Japanese pop singer, tarento, and former member of the idol group Sakurakko Club.


  • Real Name: Fujiwara Kumi (藤原久美)
  • Other Names: Kurosawa Makoto (黒沢真琴)
  • Birthdate: November 2, 1976
  • Birthplace: Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Blood Type: A


In 1992, Aika Misa auditioned but didn't passed the Higashi All Raisin Princess Contest. But, in that same year, she passed the audition and became a member of Sakurakko Club under the name Kurosawa Makoto. She debuted as a solo singer a year later with "Jyunai". A second single was planned but it was later canceled for unknown reasons. After graduating Sakurakko Club, she changed her name to Aika Misa and put out a nude photobook in 1995 but didn't fair well among people.




  • [1995.08.25] Bonita (ボニータ)
  • [1996.05.31] Scan Doll (スキャンドール)

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