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Akarin e Okuru Uta

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Single Cover
Momoiro Clover
Akarin e Okuru Uta (あかりんへ贈る歌; Farewell Song for Akarin)
  1. Deko Mayu~en no Saishuu Kessen (デコまゆ 炎の最終決戦)
  2. Akarin e Okuru Uta (あかりんへ贈る歌)


"Akarin e Okuru Uta" is the a single released by Momoiro Clover. It was released in commemoration of Hayami Akari's graduation from the group. It is also the last single tagged as "Momoiro Clover" before changing their names to "Momoiro Clover Z". The single was only sold by preorder through King Records online shop. The profits of the single were donated to help the victims of the 2011 Touhoku earthquake and tsunami.