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Alo Hello! C-ute DVD

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DVD Cover
Alo Hello! °C-ute DVD (アロハロ! ℃-ute DVD)
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Track listing
  1. OP ~ Water Park de Asobou (OP~ウォーターパークで遊ぼう)
  2. Marine Sports ni Chousen, Banana Boat Taiketsu (マリンスポーツに挑戦・バナナボート対決)
  3. Hawaii de Lunch (ハワイでランチ)
  4. Gachinko!! Pool de Sanban Shoubu!!! (ガチンコ!! プールで三番勝負!!!)
  5. Baramaki Quiz (ばらまきクイズ)
  6. Pool de Asobou (プールで遊ぼう)
  7. Hitori de Okaimono, Shopping Taiketsu (ひとりでお買い物・ショッピング対決)
  8. End Talk (エンドトーク)
  9. Neoki Dokkiri (寝起きドッキリ)
  10. Making of (メイキング映像)


"Alo Hello! °C-ute DVD" is the 1st group DVD by °C-ute, documenting their trip to Hawaii. The DVD also features commentary from the group.

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