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Anata (Utada Hikaru)

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Digital Cover
Utada Hikaru
Digital Single
Anata (あなた; You)
  1. Anata (あなた)


"Anata" is the 15th digital single recorded by Utada Hikaru. The song was used as the main theme for the movie DESTINY Kamakura Monogatari and as the commercial theme for Sony's Noican wireless headphones, with Utada starring in the CM. The music video was shot in London by filmmaker Jamie-James Medina, who also directed the "Forevermore" MV.

Song Information

Utada Hikaru
Utada Hikaru
Other Information
Arrangement: Utada Hikaru
Drums: Chris Dave

Oricon Chart Positions

Oricon Digital Song Chart

Week Rank Sales
1 63,871
2 37,071
2 25,921
3 17,347
4 14,723
3 12,908
7 10,357
13 8,588
19 6,683
20 6,344
24 4,775
26 5,593
  • Total Reported Sales: 284,694* (#8 digital song of 2018)

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