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Angel's Knock

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A Ver. Cover
B Ver. Cover
  1. Excuse Me
  2. Bing Bing (빙빙)
  3. Three Out
  4. Neukkimi Oni (Feeling) (느낌이 오니)
  5. Bulmyeonjeung (Can't Sleep) (불면증)
  6. Lily feat. Ro Woon of SF9
  7. Melting Love
  8. Neo Ttaemune (Help Me) (너 때문에)
  9. Oh Boy
  10. With ELVIS


ANGEL'S KNOCK is the first full-length Korean album released by AOA. The songs "Excuse Me" and "Bing Bing" were used as the lead tracks; while the songs "Neo Ttaemune (Help Me)" and "Oh Boy" are Korean versions of "Ai wo Choudai" and "Oh Boy", respectively.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
x x x x x x x 39 1,322
x x x x x x x 51 1,254
x x x x x x x 154 423
x x x x x x x 297 235
x x x x x x x 294 190

Total Reported Sales: 3,424*

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