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Angrperchin (2011)

Angrperchin (アンガーペーチン), is a Japanese pop/rock band and it is comprised of ex-ajisai band members. The members are composed of former members of the bands "Afromania", "Hearts Grow", "Selfish" and "Crimson". They debuted at the famous Rock event in Okinawa, "Peaceful Love Rock Festival '11". In 09th of October, they participated in the event "Oto no Pageant 2011" (音のページェント2011). In 2012, they released the band's official website, their debut song, My Ballad.






  • [2012.01.27] Angrperchin no Peraji!! (アンガーペーチンのペーラジ!!) FM Yanbaru (Friday 20:00~21:00)
  • [2013.02.15] Radio Perchin (ラジオペーチン) FM Yanbaru (Friday 9:00~10:00)

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