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Aratamemashite, Hajimemashite, Midori Desu.

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Album Cover
Record Cover
Aratamemashite, Hajimemashite, Midori Desu. (あらためまして、はじめまして、ミドリです。; Hello Everyone, Nice To Meet You, We're Midori.)
2008.05.14 (CD)
2008.11.05 (Vinyl)
Catalog Number
AICL-1919 (CD)
CPAR-2009 (Vinyl)
¥2,500 (CD)
¥3,000 (Vinyl)
  1. Suki (スキ; I Like)
  2. Yukiko-san (ゆきこさん)
  3. Kanashii Hibi (かなしい日々; Sad Days)
  4. Osaru (お猿; Monkey)
  5. Konjo Nashi Atashi, Aho Boke Kasu (根性無しあたし、あほぼけかす; The Fool Grows Senile, It Isn't Her Spirit)
  6. Chiharu no Koi (ちはるの恋; Power Spring of Love)
  7. Himitsu no Futari (ひみつの2人; Two Peoples' Secret)
  8. 5 Hyoshi (5拍子; Five Rhythms)
  9. Howling Jigoku (ハウリング地獄; Howling Hell)
  10. Muyoku no Muryoku (無欲の無力; Powerlessness of Disinterestedness)


Aratamemashite, Hajimemashite, Midori Desu. is the fourth studio album and second full-length album released by Midori. There were two version of the album released: a CD version, and a vinyl record version released through CICADA PEAKS which was released almost six months later. This is the band's first album with their current electric upright bassist, Iwami Keigo. The song "Osaru" was originally placed on the band's indie debut, First. The album reached #25 on the weekly Oricon chart, and stayed on the chart for a total of six weeks.

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