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BEAST promoting "Cant Wait To Love You" (2015)

BEAST (비스트) (formerly known as B2ST) is a 6 member Korean boy band under CUBE Entertainment who debuted in 2009. In 2015, BEAST opened their own independent Japanese label BEAST MUSIC. On March 17, 2015 they released the first song under BEAST MUSIC, ONE.






BEAST was first known as B2ST, which was an acronym for "Boys to Search for Top". Just before their debut date the name was changed to the current one, which is an acronym for "Boys of EAst Standing Tall".
The group consists of 4 newcomers, Yoon Doo Joon, Yang Yo Seob, Son Dong Woon and Jang Hyun Seung who was already known for being the rejected member before BIGBANG's debut, Yong Jun Hyung a former member of the group XING, and the soloist Lee Ki Kwang formerly known as AJ.
The group debuted on October 14 with the release of the mini-album BEAST is the B2ST. After releasing the digital single, "Crazy", which was used as main theme song for the movie Attack the Gas Station 2, BEAST planned to release their second mini-album, Shock Of The New Era on March 2. On February 28, CUBE Entertainment, through an official statement, pushed back the release by a day because the album leaked on YouTube.

In 2014, the group officially changed their logo to "∀ΔΣ" with the release of their sixth mini-album.

In 2015, the group announced they were forming their own Japanese label, BEAST MUSIC, and as a present for the fans they were going to release new songs for 10 consecutive months staring with the release of ONE in March.

Korean Discography

BEAST promoting BEAST is the B2ST (2009)
BEAST promoting Mastermind (2010)
BEAST promoting "SHOCK" (2011)
BEAST promoting Midnight Sun (2012)
BEAST promoting Hard to Love, How to Love (2013)
BEAST promoting "Kimi wa Dou?" (2014)

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