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Baek Ji Young

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Baek Ji Young promoting "Silta" (2013)

Baek Ji Young (백지영) (also known as Baek Z Young) is a Korean pop singer under WS Entertainment. She is well known for her latin-flavored dance tracks, although in recent years she has developed her fanbase in ballads. Before debuting in 1999 as a solo artist, in 1990 she was a member of the Trot group Trot Voice. In 2000, at the height of her popularity, she was involved in a sex scandal with her manager which devastated her career. It wasn't until 2006 with her album, Smile Again, that she experienced a rise in popularity thanks to the hit song, "Saranganhae". She debuted in Japan in 2013 under Imperial Records with the single "Sono Onna", a Japanese version of her Korean hit "Geuyeoja" from the drama Secret Garden OST.


  • Name: Baek Ji Young (백지영)
  • Birthday: March 25, 1978 (1978-03-25) (age 40)
  • Height: 169cm
  • Weight: 51kg
  • Blood Type: B

Korean Discography


Baek Ji Young promoting Smile Again (2006)
Baek Ji Young promoting Sensibility (2009)
Baek Ji Young promoting Timeless; The Best (2010)
Baek Ji Young promoting PITTA (2011)


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