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Single Cover
After School
2010.08.20 (Taiwan)
  1. Let's Do It!
  2. Bang! (뱅!)
  3. With U
  4. Bang (뱅!) (Inst.)

CD+DVD A Cover
CD+DVD B Cover
CD Only Cover
2011.08.10 (Digital Single)
Catalog Number
AVCD-48118 (CD+DVD A)
AVCD-48119 (CD+DVD B)
AVCD-48120 (CD Only)
¥1,890 (CD+DVD)
¥1,050 (CD Only)
¥200 (Digital Single)
"Digital Single" Tracklist
  1. Bang! <Japan Ver.>
"CD+DVD" CD Tracklist
  1. Bang! <Japan Ver.>
  2. Super sexy
"CD Only" Tracklist
  1. Bang! <Japan Ver.>
  2. Super sexy
  3. Bang! <Korea Ver.>
  4. Bang! <Japan Ver.> Instrumental
  5. Super sexy Instrumental
"CD+DVD A" DVD Tracklist
  1. Let's Do It! <Japan Ver.>
  2. Bang! <Japan Ver.> Music Video
  3. Bonus Footage (Self-Introduction & MAKING MOVIE) –Japan Ver.- (自己紹介)
"CD+DVD A" DVD Tracklist
  1. Let's Do It! (Korea Ver.)
  2. Bang! (Korea Ver.) Music Video
  3. Bonus Footage (Self-Introduction & MAKING MOVIE) –Korea Ver.- (自己紹介)


"Bang!" is After School's third Korean single. The title track, which was used as the lead single, was originally planned to be included in After School's second single "Neo Ttaemune", but was delayed due to the lyricist and composer wanting to make the track more complete. The single's concept displayed the group wearing sexy marching band outfits, and it was later revealed that Kahi was the mastermind behind the concept. Kahi stated after watching the American film Drumline, she fell in love with the marching band style and wanted to do a marching band concept ever since she took to the stage as an After School member. The group practiced playing the drums for five months with a trainer for the concept. It was the first release to feature fourth generation After School member Lizzy.

The title tack reached #17 on the Gaon 2010 digital yearly charts with 2,374,731 copies sold.

More than one year later, the single was released as their official Japanese debut under the stage name AFTERSCHOOL. The single was released in three versions, two CD+DVD editions and one CD Only edition. Both CD+DVD editions include the same tracklist, however A edition features contents in Japanese, while B edition does it in Korean. CD only edition also includes the original Korean version of the song, plus two instrumental tracks.

The single reached #7 on the Oricon charts, and charted for 12 weeks.

Song Information

Kim Hee Sun (Korea)
Kim Tae Hyun
Other Information
Chorus: Kim Tae Hyun, Kim Hee Sun, After School
Arrangement: Kim Tae Hyun
Vocal director: Kim Tae Hyun, Kim Hee Sun
Recording engineer: Heo Eun Suk, Kim Min Hui
Mixing engineer: Choi Jae Young

Korean Choreography Controversy

After School was accused of choreographic plagiarism after German dancer and choreographer Camillo Lauricella received messages saying that the group "...stole some of our moves for their music video of their song "Bang!"". Lauricella further stated "On the one hand its cool & flattering. But on the other hand... What do you guys think?" Lauricella and his good friend Nika Kljun originally created the choreography to Black McGrath's song "The Night" and uploaded it on Youtube in February 2010.

Pledis Entertainment responded to the allegations stating "There is a problem in deeming choreography as plagiarized just because a single dance move less than 3 seconds long is somewhat similar to another. The choreography for "Bang!" is strictly the end product of our creation, put together by Pledis' Korean and American choreographers." They went on to further say "Dance is a language spoken through the body for everyone, regardless of cultural barriers. To give a comparison, one would not say that a certain modern choreography is plagiarized because it is similar to a Korean culture dance. We hope no more disputes and controversies are generated over this matter."

Lauricella responded to Pledis Entertainments statement in a Youtube video saying "Yes, I've seen what Pledis Entertainment had to say about it. And honestly, I didn't really expect anything else. Like, it's so ignorant and really not cool at all." Lauricella later on claimed that more than three seconds of his dance move was stolen, unlike what Pledis Entertainment had stated.

Oricon Chart Positions

AFTERSCHOOL promoting the single
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 6 6 8 9 8 10 7 23,760
7 23 23 20 17 20 19 20 6,353
18 - - - - - 25 34 2,769
16 - - - - 29 - 37 2,988
27 - - - - - - 42 1,624
- - - - - - - 65 1,113
- - - - - - - 70 913
- - - - - - - 109 535
- - - - - - 45 1,001
- - - - - - - 77 641
- - - - - - - 138 379
- - - - - - - 179 287

Total Reported Sales: 42,363* (#184 single of the year)

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