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Album Cover
Big Mama
  1. Cheonguk (feat. MC Mong) (천국; Heaven)
  2. Baeban (배반; Betrayal)
  3. Syesangui Yansokdeul (세상의 약속들; World's Promises)
  4. Anbu (안부; Well-Being)
  5. Over The Rainbow (Lee Ji Young solo)
  6. Nae Nuneul Boado (Park Min Hye solo) (내 눈을 보아도; Even If You Look at My Eyes)
  7. Fla Fla Fla
  8. Kkeutiraneun Mal (끝이라는 말; The Words It's Over)
  9. Nappeun Sosik (Shin Yeon Ah solo) (나쁜 소식; Bad News)
  10. Saranghaeseo.. (Lee Young Hyun solo) (사랑해서...; Because I Love You...)
  11. Sori Jilleo (소리 질러; Shout Out Loud)
  12. Fla Fla Fla (Gazaebal Mix) (가재발 Mix)
  13. Break Away (Bonus Track)
  14. Baeban (MR) (배반)
  15. Anbu (MR) (안부)
  16. Cheonguk (MR) (천국)


Blossom is Big Mama's fourth album. The songs "Cheonguk", "Baeban", "Anbu" and "Saranghaeseo.." were used as lead tracks. Each Big Mama member has a solo song featured on the album.

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