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Chocolate / Kawaii Koushien

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Type A Cover
Type B Cover
Type C Cover
Ebisu Muscats
Chocolate / Kawaii Koushien (チヨコレイト / かわいい甲子園)
Catalog Number
UPCH-80213 (Type A)
UPCH-80214 (Type B)
UPCH-80215 (Type C)
  1. Chocolate (チヨコレイト)
  2. Kawaii Koushien (かわいい甲子園)
  1. Kawaii Koushien ~Asami Hatsuratsu Joshi Tandai Fuzoku Koukou~ (かわいい甲子園 ~麻美ハツラツ女子短期大付属高校~)) (Type A)
  1. Kawaii Koushien ~Hatsune Kawaii Suisan Koukou~ (かわいい甲子園 ~初音かわいい水産高校~) (Type B)
  1. Kawaii Koushien ~Rio Kawaii High School~) (かわいい甲子園 ~Rioかわいいハイスクール~) (Type C)


"Chocolate / Kawaii Koushien" is Ebisu Muscats's third single. It was released in three editions, each one including a different third track. Like the group's first two singles, Ebisu Muscats has been divided into three units, each one singing the third track of the single.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 8 27 2 43 43 - 17 6,768
- - - - - - - 152 430

Total Reported Sales: 7,198
Total Sales in 2010: 6,768
Total Sales in 2011: 430

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