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CoCo (CoCo Lee album)

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Album Cover
CoCo Lee
CD Tracklist
  1. Ài Wǒ Jiǔ Yīdiǎn (愛我久一點; Love Me Longer)
  2. Wǎngrì Qíng (往日情; Past Feelings)
  3. Tā Zài Shuì Qián Kūqì (她在睡前哭泣; She Cried Before Bedtime)
  4. Àiqíng De Hǎochù (愛情的好處; Love Profit)
  5. Xīnlǐ Wèn (心裡問; Questioning Heart)
  6. Wú Chù Duǒ Yǔ (無處躲雨; Nowhere to Hide From the Rain)
  7. Yīlài (依賴; Dependent)
  8. Need Some Lovin' Tonite
  9. Ài Dàodǐ (愛到底; Love After All)
  10. Tónghuà Zuìhòu Yī Zhāng (童話最後一章; Fairy tale's Last Chapter)
  11. Wǎngrì Qíng (Karaoke Version) (往日前(KARAOKE版))


CoCo is the self-titled fourth album released by CoCo Lee and her first album released under Sony Music Entertainment.

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